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PostSubject: D-W/D-W/R-Mo/N-Me/Me-Rt   Fri Mar 04, 2011 5:08 pm

Lately we have been running a set up that involves 2 dervishes with swords, a standard ranger, a blood necro with crippling anguish, and a fevered dreams mesmer. We have gotten by with our knowledge of the game versus the worse teams, but versus the better teams or even teams our skill level, we tend to fold when we have to do anything that is not 8v8. I'm going to lay out the roles for each person on the team in the hopes that we can better our team play if everyone does their job. If I am wrong about anything let me know. If anything needs to be added let me know.

The two dervishes have the job of just spamming pressure and the occasional (but not that necessary) lineback. Through conditions they disrupt everything that goes on at all stages of the fight: frontline, midline, and backline. BUT they cannot do it alone. When it comes to the midline, and especially the backline, they need the fevered dreams mesmer to dole out the daze to fuck people over. Call for it. Call for it. Call for it. Call for it on anything that is bothering the team (diversion, shame, blinds, snares) or anything you want to hit in general. Maybe just frag is needed or fevered (which should be covered by frag). Call which for one, the other, or both but call for something.

The ranger is standard and, when it is DK does not need to be told what to do.

The necro is going to focus on spreading degen in a 8v8, but has another important job. You are the first line of defense when something splits. Normally it is the ranger but with crippling anguish, and alot more damage, the necro should be able to solo anything with the help of footies/archers. If something gets past the team, fall on it immediately. Do not wait to see if the ranger is going. If he/she is falling back to base, that person will call you off. Also, oppressive gaze on spikes if it is up. Not dark pact.

The mesmer has the easiest job in my opinion. The mesmer spams on targets that are called. If nothing is being called, spam fragility on everything. Clumsiness should be on recharge at all times versus the dervishes but if you notice a certain attack pattern you can wait to interrupt the deep wounds. Versus warriors, even though I don't do it and should start, it is nice to count adrenaline to know when unloads are coming. Signet of humility should also be on recharge. If there is nothing specific to shut down in the fight spam it on the prot. If you notice a ranger is camping you, use the sig to fake him out. It costs no energy. Cover fevered dreams and your snare with fragility. Leech is nice for watching the prot when sig of hum is on recharge and their skill is back. Energy should not really be a problem, even if you are spamming.

Ok, so those are the roles of everyone. Now for tips.

1. The dervishes are not the only person the mesmer could be in sync with. An oppressive gaze with fevered on a target is just as effective and a bit of a surprise to the prot or midline who is following the dervishes.
2. Frontline should keep talking. Call for the hexes. If you are not doing that, ping them. Yes the mesmer should be following you but he/she cannot do that at all times.
3. In the words of Con, "If you see balls, get on them". Punish people for bad positioning.
4. Do not split randomly, especially without calling it. We are a lot stronger when we are 8 as opposed to a split. Let us know you are leaving so we can keep a mental check of personnel and people know how to adapt.

I have class so I'll finish this later but read it and critique it plz.
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