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 GvG 9/10/10

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Kay vs Forum

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PostSubject: GvG 9/10/10   GvG 9/10/10 I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 10, 2010 5:48 pm

Sat 9/10's GvG's

four games:

vs Webel Wising +6
vs Acid Overlords +8
vs Paradoxical Penguins -6
vs Daddy No -7

DKE vs Webel Wising
Their build: Dedicated split
Our build: Balanced

Pretty straight up win. They ran dedicated split, but couldn't pull it off. good split suppression on our end.

DKE vs Acid Overlords
Their build: Semi balanced with 2 YAA
Our build: Balanced

They had a very splittable build, relying heavily on YAA sins. Though they were light on killing power, they were very succesful on pushing through a sin and pressuring our flagger/base NPCs. This secured them boost.

After a lot of futile sin-chasing we rallied damage on main and DP-stacked their mesmer through spikes (weakest link), forcing their main team to give up stand and fall back into base right in time for lord damage. Though there was some confusion about who was going back to deal with their 26min split, we managed catch it because they'd neglected to send any healing with it. Axe war joined flagger and cripshot to wipe them in our pit, leaving Main team well over a minute to pump onesided lord damage. Won the match.

Notes: Vs highly splittable builds, anything with snares (Cripshot, Water ele) needs to be on top of them when they make the push, because it's hard to catch them by the time they're through (YAA, shadowsteps, etc).

1. Catch splits as they happen, not afterwards

DKE vs Paradoxical Penguins
Their build: Tripfront w/ phoenix axe
Our build: Balanced

We got rolled by a strong tripfront with spike. Compressed nature of the map near flag stand, combined with the apparent spiking power of an Essence-phoenix axe war destroyed back and midline around 3 minutes in. We resigned out.

DKE vs Daddy No
Their build: Trapper/RaO/spirit gimmick
Our build: Balanced

Crazy ranger gimmick. They ran 2 spiketrappers, 3 axe RaO rangers spamming interrupts and 3 rits. 2 for healing running OoB, one with Expel hexes providing Brutal weapon and the odd spirit. one of the rangers provided NR.

We decided to try splitting axe and cripshot at the start, as it was obvious they'd push us off stand. Marginally successful, but they sent back a heal-stacked trapper that camped NPC's, turning it into a stalemate. Main team was still holding in our lord pit, but was obviously hard pressed. Axe went back around to repair their catapult (they'd left rep kit), but by that time our cripshot had died to knights (not entirely sure why). Axe rejoined main, but to no avail. Game was theirs.

Notes: should have attempted to 8v8 it and test their backline, through abundance of blinds, snares and KD's would have very likely made it tricky.


1. Don't split. 8v8 it and do the following:
2. Focus shutdown on expel. (their only hex removal), giving the water free reign if NR is properly suppressed.
3. As we're dealing with rit backline, their heals are powerful, but slow. Try to set up for a spike.

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GvG 9/10/10
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