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 How to farm A1 inferno, for dummies.

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How to farm A1 inferno, for dummies. Empty
PostSubject: How to farm A1 inferno, for dummies.   How to farm A1 inferno, for dummies. I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 29, 2012 11:41 am

I might add pictures at some point, but here's what you do:

Start an inferno quest on "Act 1: The Imprisoned Angel", subquest "The cursed hold".
Pick up money, blues and yellows. Whenever your inventory hits full, port to town and sell shizzle. I usually don't bother with gems unless flawless squares (for upgrading).

First off, teleporter time:

1. Go to Northern Highlands, move west, checking for the possible elite/rare spawn, and checking to see if the Watchtower is up. Watchtower is located on the cliff edge, and contains anywhere between 1-5 elite/rare packs, depending on spawn RNG. Good way to stack up your NV.

If Watchtower fails to spawn, either reset and check again, or continue on, depending on personal preference.

2. Teleport to the Festering Woods. Check both north and south of the waypoint, and make sure you find the two instances in the area. The same ones you enter for the Drowned Temple questline. Each of these contains a garuanteed rare/elite pack. Furthermore, 1-2 elite/rare packs wander the Festering Woods themselves. If you get unlucky on Watchtower spawning, this will get your NV stacks started.

3. Choice to be made: If you have 5 NV stacks at this point, go do Cemetery of the Forsaken. If you do not have 5NV, through terrible luck or Alex disconnecting you using his slow-bubble-res-hack, go do Leoric's Manor first (more on that later).

a. Teleport to Cemetery of the Forsaken, and check the immediate area. A rare/elite pack has a chance to spawn on the cemetery itself. If it's there, keel eet, if not, start doing the Defiled Crypts.

- Defiled crypts are, ofcourse, RNG, and may contain anywhere between 1-3 elite/rare packs, sometimes accompanied by events that offer further rewards. When you hit a crypt with a second level, don't bother going down there. It will be the one leading to the Chancellor's Altar, and contain nothing of use or value. If you should find yourself in development hell, rush through the trash to kick Jay Wilson right square in the fcking balls, for some shitty loot and an achievement.

- Possible events are "The Jar of Souls" (a.k.a. kill some skeletons then smash a pot) and "The Matriach's Bones" (a.k.a. kill some named ghosts then get loot).

b. Teleport to Leoric's Manor, and go inside through the fancy conservatory. Clear out trash and look around. One elite/rare mob has a chance to spawn inside the Manor. Afterwards, go out through the front door and kill the 1/2 elite/rare packs in the courtyard. Beware the cultist elites, as they hit harder than they look capable of. Usually couple of shrines here too, so grab those if convenient.

4. Teleport to Halls of Agony lvl2, and clear your way south. Usually 1 elite/rare mob on this level. Two if you get lucky. Towards the southern end of the map you'll find a distinctive square room (walkway across the top level, square dirt floor and mass grave on the lower level. Through the gate and out into the highland passage.

5. Move your way through the Highlands Passage. Our friend Kyr the Weaponsmith got his spawnchance nerfed drastically in 1.0.3, but he still appears at times. Be sure to help him kill Dargon (that traitorous cur) for some money and loot. The weaponsmith may at times sell rares with decent stats, so check for those.

6. Down into the fungeons again (cause it's so fun). Complete the Cursed Hold event (releasing 6 ghosts) to spawn the Warden. Make sure you clear most if not all of the map, as there may be up to 3 elite/rare spawns down there. Afterwards, go to the middle, kill the warden (hits like a limp noodle, but beware his explo (he's molten as of 1.0.3). Snatch loot, move southwest and go down a level.

7. Halls of Agony lvl3. Not much to be said. Clear the thing, picking up any elite/rare packs or goblins you encounter. Doing this, you'll find the Chamber of Suffering (don't worry, it's totally misnamed and completely harmless). Go in, kill the butcher (tips include: Don't stand in the fire. Dodge chains. If chained, use some kind of panic button to soak the smash. Don't stand in charge animation. "Zombie meat good, Human meat better!")

Port to town, sell shit. Go grab a snack. It used to be worthwhile walking down to the next level and freeing Tyrael for 3k gold, but that's also been nerfed in 1.0.3, so just leave him getting tortured.

That's it. Repeat untill rich / catatonic, whichever comes first.

How to farm A1 inferno, for dummies. DKEforumbanner-edit2-1

How to farm A1 inferno, for dummies. Halls
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How to farm A1 inferno, for dummies.
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