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 GvG 17/10/10

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PostSubject: GvG 17/10/10   GvG 17/10/10 I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 18, 2010 11:43 am

tough luck, we had some trouble with even the simplest setups. I'm not entirely sure as to one single cause, maybe everyone was slightly off their game. Whatever the reason though:


Slightly late on writing this, so I don't have clear recollection of every match, but I remember certain core things that might be important to remember/work on:

1. Shut down and/or look for telltale key skills in gimmicky spikes, e.g. Barbs, Frag-fevered, etc. In our dual-ele setup specifically, you only have the mesmer for long-term shutdown, not counting warriors' occassional KDs/rupts. If you play the mesmer, make sure you're asking yourself, what should I be shutting down to maximize my usefulness. It isn't always the monks.

2. Communication. Things like flag pushes, low monk energy, splits need to be communicated more.
  • Monks can make their jobs easier by calling cleans, or even guardians, reducing the chance of double- and/or overcleaning or protting.
  • Flagger is in charge of flag. if the flagger is detained because of a split, or the need to partyheal, take initiative and assign someone else to flag duty, usually a warrior.
  • Be decisive. If your job is to catch overextending stuff, don't call it and wait for a specific order or confirmation. Just let people know what you're doing, and get on it.
  • Make sure people hear important things when you call them. in the heat of an engagement vent can get pretty cluttered, not necessarily in a bad way, but it makes it important to make sure everyone heard your priority calls. One example, though by no means the only one, was one of our monks, after a wipe: "I was totally out of energy." Where upon 3 or so people state they never heard the call. Being able to tell yourself afterwards you mentioned it, and therefor weren't at fault, is dandy, but unless you make sure people hear by asking for confirmation or the like, you might aswell not have opened your mouth. This doesn't mean you need to shout it 20 times till people tell you to stfu, but just make sure they know before you go silent.

3. Initiative. Not everything you do needs to be a call by your strat-caller. Be smart and play your class without needing constant reminders or instructions.
  • If you see one of our warriors/rangers/anything pushing their flagger, start looking for ways to stop their team supporting that flagger, be it through spikes to keep the monks from leaving or snares when they do leave.
  • If you notice you have spare time on your hands because our team isn't spiking/pushing/needing heals/whatever right then, make yourself useful in other ways, like looking at the map for splits or approaching flaggers.
  • Use your skill-bar in creative ways, be smart. Mesmer can co-ordinate with the water ele to divert hex removals, or warriors to divert blinds. Try covering certain hexes with your mindwrack if you notice they get removed easily. Stay flexible and don't get into a routine thinking you only need to do one single thing. Mesmers can stop frontlines from camping targets, and waters can keep monks from healing.

Hope this helps,

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GvG 17/10/10
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